Project description

The project investigates the domestication of foreign news in Romanian and Hungarian online news outlets. The mixed-method and multilingual project analyses online news outlets and the related social media practices of their audiences in order to identify the ways foreign news are made sense of and assigned meanings in local contexts and in online news communities. The first, quantitative level of the project shall look at the salience of countries, regions, issues, actors, the prominence of foreign news sources. The second, qualitative level will identify the main discursive domestication strategies pursued by the news outlets and their online audiences, the ways in which the foreign countries, actors and affairs are endowed with local and/or personal relevance, the local sociopolitical languages and emotionalisation processes they intersect with. As a comparative project, the research also aims to point to characteristics of domestication processes, or their limits, that go beyond a national news culture. Issues of domestication of foreign news and of the related online participatory practices relate to wider interests of the global social research community.

Project Team

The DOMforNEWS team combines expertise from social sciences, humanities and computer science.

Orsolya Vincze
Grant director
dr. Hanna Orsolya Vincze
Associate Professor
Andreea Mogoș
Experienced researcher
dr. Andreea Mogoș
Associate Professor
Radu Meza
Experienced researcher
dr. Radu Meza
Associate Professor


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Departamentul de Comunicare, Relații Publice și Publicitate
Facultatea de Științe Politice, Administratice și ale Comunicării
Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca
Str. Traian Moșoiu, nr 71, cod poștal: 400132

Grant director: 
Associate Professor Hanna Orsolya Vincze, Ph.D.